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You must never rest content with the pleasure experienced when thought is stopped, but must press on until all duality ceases.

Ramana Maharshi

Welcome to Open Palm — Aims

Our experience of our inner world of movement, emotions and thoughts can seem separate from our outer involvement in work, relationships and other obligations.

Taiji aims to give a clear and practical approach to unifying the inner and outer through refinement of our ability to listen to ourselves and act from a deeper level.

In Taiji training the passive aspects of listening, letting go and surrender are utilised alongside the active elements of intention, action and co-ordination of forces.

Presenting a clear and practical map of how we function, Taiji aims to give the practitioner an insight into the balancing of inner and outer, leading towards clarity, integrity and harmony.

Open Palm Taiji

Open Palm Taiji, based in Devon, offers students a non-competitive approach to a fascinating art form. The study of which will offer understanding and insight into the movement and stillness, of both body and mind.

The exercises and forms, originating in China are based on Taoist principles that encourage balance, harmony and longevity. A strong emphasis is placed on the training method in which the traditional Taiji principles have been carefully and rigorously maintained. This deliberately builds understanding and technical clarity into the training, so that each student can take responsibility for their own input and benefits received from their practice.

Open Palm Taiji recognises the difficulty in mastering Taiji, but doesn’t leave out or change traditional principles in order to perpetuate the belief that all you have to do is relax! Taiji is seen as a discipline and like any art is mastered over a long time period. However, the journey of unfolding can be enjoyable and inspiring, with direct benefits being felt immediately!

Open Palm Taiji is fully recognised by the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

Style and the Lineage Thing

Luke Shepherd is a student of Patrick Kelly and Open Palm Taiji practices the art as inspired by his teaching. Patrick spent 20 years studying with Master Huang Xiangxian (1910–1992) during the last decades of his life and is our greatly respected guide in these teachings.

Master Huang Xiangxian (1910–1992), student of Grand Master Zheng Manqian(1900–1975) himself the famous student of Yang Cheng Fu.

From the age of 14 Master Huang practiced the internal Daoist arts and Fujian White Crane. Between 1949 and 1959 he studied with Grand Master Zheng Manqian himself the famous student of Yang Cheng Fu. Huang refined his Taiji for a further 43 years, completing nearly 70 years of intense internal study. He headed one of the largest Taiji schools in SE Asia based in Malaysia and is sometimes referred to as Master Huang of Malaysia.

Patrick has systemized Master Huang’s teachings and generously offers his wealth of experience to perpetuate the internal aspects of Taiji.

Excerpt from ‘Relax Deep Mind’ by Patrick Kelly

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